Issue #16

Issue #16

Top NFT Articles 🔥

Opensea introduced Solana Launchpad NFTs on 20 July 2022 
Opensea introduced Solana NFTs Zoonies on 20 JulyMore than 50% of Zoonies NFTs tokens minted in 24 hours of launching. 
These are the Bear Market Benefits, and the Future of NFTs: DappRadar CEO (Interview)
DappRadar has quickly become one of the most popular NFT and DeFi resources in the industry. In this episode, its CEO talks about how they got here, the benefits of the current bear market, and where we are headed next.
What restaurants are learning from NFTs without investing in blockchain
Restaurants are launching personalized digital memberships and exclusive rewards clubs without the steep learning curve of blockchain
LinkedIn founder making NFTs to auction
NFTs craze is rising with tremendous pace. Although the crypto market faced some turbulence over past few months, but Non-Fungible

Project of the Week 🚀


A brand with multiple subsidiaries, holders of the genesis collection, will benefit from all different Frootz ventures through their revenue share program. They have a plan to launch a fruit juice/smoothie brand and reward early supporters, and a merchandise service for fellow projects in the space.

Floor Price: 6.15 SOL

Magic Eden

Minting This Week âš¡ï¸


Following the success of their Mutant Miner Tools, this team aims to use its second collection to build the biggest NFT mining community. They will conduct operations in Dubai's freezone, allowing access to cheaper electricity than Europe and easier real world expansion as they can operate untaxed. Their first mine development will be a state of the art GPU ETH mine followed by reinvestment into ASIC BTC miners. Holders can expect to enjoy utilities such as tool rarity & payouts, raffles, access to Joker tool, casino games, community games, & access to their mutant marketplace.

Date: July 29th



Following the success of their previous two sold out collections, Avatars are launching a collection which gain their holders access to the Cosmic Condos browser-based metaverse game. The avatars give you special privileges in the metaverse game, such as the ability to invite friends over, change your characters name, enable you to speak to other avatars in the game via voice chat & play music via the Spotify integration. Their aim is to be an interactive social experience where you can hang out and socialise with other NFT holders.

Date: July 31st
Price: 1.69 SOL


Ones to Watch ⚡️


You can pawn (effectively staking) your Sovereign NFT to earn off-chain 'Square' Tokens. Square tokens can be used to purchase various items in the Sovereign marketplace. Utilities include merch and their own chess boards, a Sovereign Fund where 100% of merch sales revenue and 25% of royalty revenue will be moved into a wallet for airdrops, NFT tools access passes, events & more. A Sovereign marketplace where you can use their off-chain token ‘Square’ to buy passes, IRL event tickets, chess memberships.



Mystery Mafia is a NFT collection bringing as many REAL utilities to holders, making all-in-one tool on discord and a dapp to make trading NFT easier and safer even newbies will make money. They are rewarding their investors by making premium tools such as a sniping bots, minting bots, analytics breakdowns and more.



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Bonfire Club

Bonfire Club provides unique utilities that benefit both holders and regular visitors. Flame Head holders will be able to connect their wallets to Bonfire Club and receive access to a dashboard of constantly evolving features. A few of their upcoming utilities include crypto domain listings, rarity ranking benefits, and a Community Vault.


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