Issue #15

This Weeks Issue: Top NFT articles, project of the week, minting this week, ones to watch, top Twitter thread, meme of the week & a whitelist giveaway!

Issue #15

Top NFT Articles 🔥

Meta’s ‘Make-A-Scene’ Tech Is Pushing the Boundaries of AI-Generated Art
The program offers cutting-edge text-to-image generation and hand-drawn sketch inputs. It has been tested by artists Refik Anadol, Sofia Crespo, Scott Eaton, and Alexander Reben.
13 Celebrities Who Have Joined the Crypto Art Craze - NFTs Paris Hilton Emily Ratajkowski
Discover how celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Paris Hilton are embracing the NFT marketplace.
NFTs Unleashed: Digital Art From The Kraken’s New Collection
Eight Kraken NFTs, each of which is drawn from a total pool of 200 precious artworks, have emerged from the rum makers watery depths.
Christie’s Launches Venture-Capital Arm Focused on Tech in Art, Crypto
Amid a strong art market, the auction house is plunging into tech startups at a time when other venture capitalists are pulling back.

Project of the Week 🚀

Gothic Degens

Gothic Degens aims to establish partnerships and collaborations to get the whole Sol NFT space together. The utility of holding their NFTs consists of accessing random collab airdrops by delisting your Gothic Degen, being an active raider and contributing content and help within the community.

Floor Price: 15.33 SOL


Minting This Week ⚡️


A brand with multiple subsidiaries, holders of the genesis collection will benefit from all different Frootz ventures through their revenue share program. They have a plan to launch a fruit juice/smoothie brand and reward early supporters, and a merchandise service for fellow projects in the space.

Date: July 21st
Price: 2.75 SOL
Location: Bifrost Launchpad


Cursed Valley Doll Club

Stake your doll to earn $RVNG - used to level up your doll, traded for liquidity, or used to buy raffle tickets, custom merch and more. The $RVNG you earn by staking your doll lets you purchase level-ups and through each level the artwork changes. As your NFT levels up, you will earn a higher amount of their token per day along with some additional benefits.

Date: July 22nd
Price: 1.5 SOL
Location: Noah's Ark launchpad


Ones to Watch ⚡️

Parrot Tools

Parrot helps you find the best NFT traders based on your trading preferences, or if you're a good trader, it can help you find more relevant drops. They also have free tools for the community with their Solana NFT Sniper & Collage Generator.

Date: July 8th
Location: Magic Eden Launchpad


Souls Galaxy

SOULS is created in collaboration between international pop star Sia and renowned visual artist David OReilly. SOULS began as a series of simple colorful paintings that grew over time into an expansive collection of never before seen digital beings built with love and shaped between two friends.



Top Twitter Thread 🚀

Meme of the Week 🎉

Whitelist Giveaway

We've collaborated with Bonfire Club this week to give away 2 whitelist spots!

Bonfire Club

Bonfire Club provides unique utilities that benefit both holders and regular visitors. Flame Head holders will be able to connect their wallets to Bonfire Club and receive access to a dashboard of constantly evolving features. A few of their upcoming utilities include crypto domain listings, rarity ranking benefits, and a Community Vault.


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