Issue #17

Issue #17

Top NFT Articles 🔥

Tiffany’s is using CryptoPunk NFTs to sell $50,000 diamond necklaces
On Aug. 5, luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. will release 250 digital passes, which CryptoPunk holders can redeem for a custom diamond-encrusted pendant necklace and NFT artwork.
A look at dynamic NFTs, the future of digital collectables
In static NFTs, the metadata does not change. Therefore, the attributes and appearance of the NFT remain the same. However, with dynamic NFTs, metadata is programmed to be updated based on events from the real world.
NFTs, crypto, metaverse: Why North Coast vintners are diving into Web3
Early adopters say the emerging tech will help wineries better connect with consumers, but some are urging for better marketing tactics before embracing such a move.
An Italian Artist Claims to Be Pak, Maker of the Most Expensive NFT of All Time. Is It Really Him or Just a Conceptual Joke? | Artnet News
It could also be Paris Hilton, who knows?

Project of the Week 🚀


Blocksmith Labs is a team of engineers aiming to solve problems within the Solana ecosystem, whilst providing utility to our holders. Tackling issues like whitelisting and staking, and creating tools such as portfolio analysis tools, DAO tooling & sales & listing Bots.

Floor Price: 58 SOL

Magic Eden

Minting This Week ⚡️


The Giants have come together to build a GIGANTIC online betting shop on the Solana blockchain. Their goal is to create a fun, interactive and lucrative stream of revenue for their owners whilst maintaining a user friendly platform for all you betters out there.

Having the ability to bet on real life sporting events, live price action of cryptocurrencies and more, there will be something to bet on for everyone! It doesn’t stop there, within the Giants bookies there will be different ways you can place bets, make solo bets with their live odds or even bet head to head with your friends.

Holding a BFG entitles you to their weekly payout system. 75% of profits made from our betting shop will be split between the 2016 BFG holders.

Date: August 4th
Price: 2 SOL



BigFoot Town provides exclusive premium access pass to NFT Dives, Social Signals, Trading Helper and Blockchain Analytic tools. Their focus is on the Educational NFT Tools Hub, GameDAO & Profit-sharing model.

They build traditional games to play and have fun with( NOT-GAME-FI). Then they apply the Sharing-profit mode where the revenue they get from the games, will be shared with BigFoot Hodlers.

Date: August 5th
Price: 1.69 SOL


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POV: you work for a web3 company

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Artist: @UYO66

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Whitelist Giveaway

We've collaborated with Solstreet Finance this week to give away a whitelist spot

Solstreet Finance is a non-custodial fund marketplace protocol built on Solana that allows third-party managers to launch non-custodial, decentralized asset pools and be connected directly to users on the Solana blockchain. At SolStreet they’re dedicated to building asset management protocols for talented traders and fund managers to create funds, and for investors to invest in top performing managers and their funds.


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