Issue #2

Issue #2

Top NFT Articles πŸ”₯

Bulgari's Exclusive NFT Watch

Luxury jewelry brand Bulgari is launching an exclusive watch limited to ten editions. Each watch will have a QR code engraved that, when scanned, yields access to a unique non-fungible token (NFT) representing digital art.

Content creators introducing a new paradigm with NFTs

Artists and content creators are expanding the creator economy past the $100 billion mark by taking control of their brands through NFTs.

Pudgy Penguins Attempt a Comeback

Virtual community has new owners with a β€˜new roadmap’. Penguin owners hope for success like Bored Apes Yacht Club.

NFTs Could Go Mainstream with Instagram Planning Support

Bringing non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) to Instagram’s large audience has the potential to supercharge the overall market going mainstream.

Project of the Week πŸš€

Astrals (Solana)

Astrals has ome of the best art we've seen so far. Their mission is to "Incubate projects that are building exciting and innovative technologies in the blockchain industry." Astrals have massive plans for the metaverse, a well thought out DAO, and an engaged and active community. We're keeping our eyes on the galactic creatures.

Links - (Twitter)(Site)(Discord)(MagicEden)
Floor price - 16.6 SOL

Notable features
- Fully rigged metaverse ready characters
- Triple-A P2E game planned
- DAO and $GLXY utility token
- Artwork by Damien Guimoneau

Ones to watch πŸ‘€

Launch Labs(Solana)

Solana launchpad platform that shares 60% of revenue with their holders. They're creating a community-owned launchpad where pass holders receive benefits from every drop they launch.

Links - (Twitter) (Site) (MagicEden)
Floor Price - 5.5 SOL

Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is the world's first multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game on The Ethereum chain. UB has a strong team of 10 that are all doxxed, and their game demos are looking very promising.

Links - (Twitter) (Site) (OpenSea)
Floor Price - 0.18E

⚑️ NFT tools


Discover, track, and analyze trending NFTs with real time floor and volume data. Deep dive with historical charts, trend data, and full transaction history. IcyTools is the best way to keep on top of Ethereum collections.

NFT Signal - Degen Tracker

Real time tracking of projects that influencers are minting. You can check top projects, recent mints and recently purchased NFTs.

NFT Access

NFT Events made easy. NFT Access allows you to create an event and allows the use of NFTs for ticketed events. You can claim their free airdrop right now to get access to the first 3 events.

Disclaimer - Diamond Hands Hotel has no affiliation with any tools mentioned in this article.

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