Ethereals WTF Interview: artist Jimmy Danko and co-founder Mnmlty share how they sold out 12k NFTs in under 20 minutes

Ethereals WTF Interview: artist Jimmy Danko and co-founder Mnmlty share how they sold out 12k NFTs in under 20 minutes

We reached out to legendary Artist Jimmy Danko and Project Manager Mnmlty from the eye-catching NFT project Ethereals WTF to learn more about their experiences in the NFT industry. With an almost 21,000 member strong Discord community, exceptional art, and a highly experienced team,  Ethereals sold out all 12,345 unique ghosts in under 20 minutes.

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ETHEREALs are 12,345 hand drawn, randomly generated, interdimensional ghosts. Their traits are pulled from all reaches of the metaverse and include surprising mashups of cultural references all the way down to super-insider rarities.

It's clear from the moment you visit their site the amount of work that's been put into this project. The ghosts in Danko's signature style are tied together with an inter-dimensional theme park story that is wild but well thought out. I won't spoil too much though because you should really go check it out for yourself.

What instantly captured us with Ethereals was the artwork, it's got more extraordinarily unique hand-drawn traits than most NFT projects, and the clean lines and punchy colours really pop. We're talking ghosts with gorilla arms, heads made of popcorn and sharks popping through their sheet to name a few, to the 4 ultra-rare Etherealtrons.

We wanted to learn more about the team behind Ethereals and their experiences of working in the NFT industry from different perspectives. I reached out to artist jimmy Danko and project manager Mnmlty to answer 5 questions each about them and their experiences.

Jimmy Danko

Artist - Twitter, Instagram

Can you give us a little bit of background on yourself as an artist?

My work is featured in private collections all over the world and I’ve collaborated with brands such as Converse and Lexus as well as other philanthropic causes. I’m the lead artist behind ETHEREALS, a generative NFT project composed of 12,345 inter-dimensional ghosts, and an active player in the NFT community and I’m the creator behind Mayhem Island Bananas NFTs.

As a creator and collector I’m personally invested in the emerging platforms available for art projects and artists. My work is continually informed by advancements of merging the physical and digital art worlds, and the future utility and security that blockchain technologies will bring both artists and collectors. I feel like we’re so early and I can’t wait to see how the space unfolds.

When and how did you decide to start creating NFTs?

Back in March (2021) I heard a spot on NPR on NFTs. That same week a friend in the gaming industry and a friend at Netflix both messaged me saying,  “you need to get into this stuff”. I immediately jumped on the ClubHouse app and started mainlining information on the industry by hopping into as many rooms as I could and becoming an NFT sponge.

Gradually I began collecting NFTs and then, when I felt ready and informed enough, in June of this year I dropped the first 100 of my Mayhem Island Bananas collection. It's been a whirlwind ever since buying those first few NFTs, including my Bored Ape (#6529)

What piece of advice would you give digital artists that are starting out with NFTs?

Play the long game. Think about what you're creating and how it will evolve as time passes with your audience, not just the short term. These NFTs will last forever. In a sense they are your legacy, so think about what you want that legacy too look like.

You don't have to overthink it all, but know that what you’re creating is way more than just minting jpegs. Community, utility, and art. Those are the pillars I try to keep focused on. They are all moving targets and as creators we must continue to grow and evolve with them.

What’s the hardest part of creating NFT artwork?

The speed at which the space evolves and grows. Missing a day in the space often feels like missing two weeks. It's insane and amazing all at the same time. As they say, crypto never sleeps.

Do your hobbies or other interests influence your work?

Absolutely. Painting is my passion, and that passion overlaps into my digital work as well. With both I pull inspiration from all aspects of my life. From the toys and things that I grew up with as a kid to my time on the Jiu-jitsu mats or out in the mountains. In a sense life is art and for me it is something that never turns off.


Project manager - Twitter, Instagram

How long have you been a project manager and what got you into it?

Prior to Ethereals I was running my fashion wholesale business Liberte Trading, which required a lot of project management. PM is something that i think comes easier to me than most other aspects of business. I get it from my mother.

What has been the most challenging and rewarding parts of managing a project in the NFT space?

The most challenging aspect has definitely been the lack of sleep and keeping up with everything happening at such a rapid pace. The most rewarding part has hands down been the amazing community i have been able to be apart of and the amazing community we have built around Ethereals. #boogang

What’s one thing you’ve learnt from creating your project that you’d advise others to be careful of?

With so many of us being so deeply involved in the space, we had seen the mistakes some other projects made and did our best to avoid the same issues, but the one thing i would say, and i have always believed in, is measure twice, cut once. Make sure you are detail oriented and are thinking about how each decision you make will effect the future of the project.

What’s something that you’d like to create but the technology isn’t quite ready for yet?

For myself personally, I would love it if there was a TA(technical analysis) platform for NFT projects so we could speculate on them similar to how the stock market works. I know it's coming, I just don't know when, and whoever does it right is going to win big!

Where do you personally see the NFT industry going in the next year?

With close to two million wallets projected to be actively buying and selling NFT's by the end of the year I think we will see more brands entering the space and redefining what is possible, like Arizona Iced Tea and The Hundreds have already done. Everyday more and more people are learning about NFTs. I don't think it will be long before these innovative technologies are incorporated into our everyday lives.

Final thoughts

It was a great experience learning more about the interdimensional ghosts and the stories behind them. I'm excited to see how the Ethereals WTF project continues to grow and develop over the next few months with the deep story and list of roadmap items.

I'd like to thank Jimmy Danko and Mnmlty for taking the time to give me such a valuable insight into their work and also to say a big congratulations to the whole team for such a successful drop.

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